The Ostuni Diocesan Museum


The Ostuni Diocesan Museum

The Ostuni Diocesan Museum, inside ancient Palazzo Episcopio ground floor near the Cathedral, holds and exhibits the Ostuni church historic-artistic heritage, including testaments and masterpieces of international fame, as the archaeological collection of Messapian ages (VII-II centuries B.C.), the 17th century silver architectonic ostensorium, 18th century liturgical paraments, the extremely rare wax “anatomical” Christ datable to the end of XVII – start of XVIII century with an abdomen opening showing bowels, painting of 1500-1800, a “live” Madonna statue dating to the end of 1600 and Middle Age parchments (1163).

At the end of this itinerary, there is a visit to the enchanting Bishops Garden, on the very top of Ostuni’s hill.

For a pleasant, instructive and culturally stirring experience, the exhibit features explanatory captions in Italian and English, also available for download in smartphones, clearly describing exhibited pieces; special captions are dedicated to children, who will tour the museum in the company of the funny mascot Angel Ronzino. 

The Museum’s main purpose is to have visitors take the center stage, whatever their age, through a particular experience-oriented approach by way of an innovative and multi-discipline standpoint, spurring curiosity and “hunger” for culture.

Piazza Beato Giovanni Paolo II



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