3rd meeting of CI – NOVATEC Project

04/07/2019 News

3rd meeting of CI – NOVATEC Project

The 3rd meeting of the CI NOVATEC-Customer Intelligence project for innovative tourism ecosystems took place on July 1 and 2, 2019 with great success, in the building of the Region of Western Greece, specifically in the Regional Council of the Region, with the participation of all its partners .The meeting was organized by the University of Patras.

The project involves five partners headed by the Region of Western Greece. The University of Patras - Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering and the Region of Epirus are the two Greek partners of the project, the Region of Puglia - Department of Culture, Tourism and Land Economy and the Chamber of Commerce of Bari, the two Italians. In addition, partnering partners are the Chamber of Commerce of Achaia and the Chamber of Commerce of Brindisi.

All the project partners attended the meeting, as well as Mrs. Katerina Kapota from the Managing Authority and Mr. Giuseppe Gargano, Project Officer of the project, by skype.

Information: Mary Stergiou - Contact Manager for the project of Western Greece Region, e-mail: m.stergiou@pde.gov.gr, contact phone: +302613613625