Monte Sant'Angelo (Province of Foggia)

The municipality of Monte Sant'Angelo is located in the southeast region of Italy. It covers an area of 245,13 km2 with a population of 12.162 inhabitants. Monte Sant'Angelo overlooks the Tavoliere on one side and the Gulf of Manfredonia on the other.

  • Elevation: 796 m
  • Area: 245,13 km2
  • Population: 12.162

About pilot area: Monte Sant'Angelo (Province of Foggia)

Monte Sant’Angelo is known throughout the world for its religious history, becoming a must-see on pilgrimages since the sixth century. Saints, emperors, popes, kings or simple faithful have come here to kneel before the altar of the Archangel Michael. The sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo is UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the seat of the Gargano National Park Authority. It can be reached by following a long winding road, which culminates with a magnificent viewpoint over the Gulf of Manfredonia. From here we start discovering the charming Junno district, with narrow alleys and crowded houses, with the characteristic white facades, where you can lose yourself in pleasant walks aimlessly.

8 km from the town, among dozens of hermitages carved into the rock, stands the ancient Abbey of Santa Maria di Pulsano, perched on a spur overlooking the gulf, managed by a community of monks who organize iconography courses and has a printing press.

Here the breath of history is still alive between the Norman castle, the residence of Federico II, the Tomb of Rotari and the complex of San Francesco, where the Museum of Popular Arts and Traditions of the Gargano is set up.

Touristic thematics

  • Natural
  • Historical
  • Religious