Nafpaktos (Province of Aitoloakarnania)

Municipality of Nafpaktia is located in the Region of Western Greece and is established with the implementation of the “Kallikrates Program” by the combination of pre-existing Municipalities of Apodotia, Nafpaktos, Platanos, Pilini, Antirio and Chalkia. Nafpaktia invites you to discover it and be fascinated! The area invites you to get to know it and its immediate surrounds and then make it a springboard for exciting experiences at sea, in nearby mountain villages and on rambles through its luxuriant nature.

  • Elevation: 15 m
  • Area: 159,9 km2
  • Population: 19.768

Municipalities of Nafpaktos

Antorrio: 26340 31 888
Apodotia: 26340 41 690
Nafpaktos: 26340 27 239
Platanos: 26340 61 227
Pylini: 26340 62 473
Chalkeia: 26340 45 644

Health centres

Police Departments

Nafpaktos: 26340 27 258
Efpalio: 26340 51 222
Traffic police department: 26340 27 453


Nafpaktos: 26340 27 909
Antorrio: 26340 31 296

Fire Department

Fire Department: 26340 22 199

Citizen Service Center

Nafpaktos: 26340 38 255
Antorrio: 26340 31 200
Ano Chora: 26340 41 697

Bus Service

Nafpaktos: 26340 27 224
Antirrio: 26340 31 500

About pilot area: Nafpaktos (Province of Aitoloakarnania)

Nafpaktos is a beautiful and contemporary city; able to meet all its visitors yet it keeps its traditional style. Nafpaktos is built amphitheatrically on a pine filled hillside and it is the second largest city of the Aetolia-Acarnania prefecture. From the most secluded beach to the most remote mountaintop will experience the beauty of the place and see the unique combination of modern city and traditional village.

Nafpaktos is ideal for summer vacations, as it has beautiful beaches within the city limits as well as within a short distance away. In these widespread sandy beaches visitors can find the appropriate services such as hotels, rooms to let, for a comfortable stay and seaside taverns with fresh fish.

Apart from swimming, in Nafpaktos there are so many things that someone can do. A set of very interesting activities that consists of Alternative Tourism is taking place and the best way to get a good sense of Nafpaktia is to get in direct contact with nature. Rafting, kayak, hiking in Evinos, rock climbing, routes that are proposed by the Greek Mountaineering Association of Nafpaktos and are suitable for climbing or hiking. Museums such as Fetixe Mosque, monasteries, Botsaris Tower and Castle of Nafpaktos are depicting the overall beauty of Nafpaktos.

Touristic thematics

  • Cultural
  • Historical
  • Landmark
  • Natural