Ostuni (Province of Brindisi)

Ostuni is a municipality in the region of southeastern Italy. The municipality of Ostuni has a population of 30.963 and an area of 225.56 km2.

  • Elevation: 207 m
  • Area: 225,56 km2
  • Population: 30.963

About pilot area: Ostuni (Province of Brindisi)

Ostuni rises on three hills 200 meters above sea level. From the hill where it rises, Ostuni overlooks a crystalline sea that for over twenty years has been a Blue Flag. The small town deserves attention for its historic center, rich in monuments and attractions that offers picturesque views of alleys, steep staircases, courtyards and small squares overlooked by white houses embellished with geraniums, craft shops, typical restaurants and small shops. Ostuni is known as the "white city" because of the color of the houses painted with lime, and is without a doubt one of the most famous tourist centers of Puglia.

Just 8 km from the center of Ostuni is Marina di Ostuni with 17 kilometers of beaches, sandy coves and rocky coasts such as: Rosa Marina, a series of small and quiet beaches among the Mediterranean scrub, Costa Merlata, named for the very jagged coast where the sea, creeping in, creates beautiful coves, and Torre Pozzella, one of the most beautiful and unspoiled beaches of the Ostuni, made up of small and wild coves and made even more beautiful by an ancient Aragonese sighting tower.

The economic activities are tourism and agriculture (especially olive trees and vines). Numerous are the presence of structures called "masserie", that is ancient fortified farms where the agricultural activity of the large landowners took place, today re-evaluated as important hotels.

Touristic thematics

  • Natural
  • Historical
  • Coastal