Kronios Hill

Ancient Olympia

Kronios Hill

Kronios hill is a small hill in Ilia which is widely known since antiquity, as it is located next to ancient Olympia.

The hill was geologically formed thousands of years ago in the Pleistocene geological period of the Neolithic century about 800.000 to 1.600.000 years ago. It was created from river sediments and does not have solid rocks. It was rich in vegetation and trees but experienced many fire damage, such as during the 1821 revolution by Ibrahim and the last time in the 2007 fires. Due to these catastrophes of its vegetation and subsequent erosion, its current height is 113.9 meters while in 1880 it was 122.6 meters.

According to Greek mythology, Hercules gave his name in honor of the god Saturn and at the top the priests made sacrifices to Saturn. Worship of other deities or nymphs is also mentioned on the hill.

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