Place of Sacrifice

One of the most outstanding monuments of the city and Temple Pilgrimage is the Place of Sacrifice, on the hill of Kapi, located east of Kalavryta city (500 meters from the center), on the road to Ski Centre.

Rachi Kapi led men from 14 years old and over by German troops on December 13, 1943, they executed them.

Today the ridge Kapi is a large cross resembling the heinous crime. In columns surrounding the central area lists the names of the families of the executed. In the catacomb is small hanging lamps equal in number to the families of the executed.

Next to the catacomb dominates the stone sculpture of the mother in pain, emblem of the City and symbol of human perseverance that created the then student of Fine Arts Anna Dyeing school. It is symbolic for women heroines of Kalavryta (Mother, sister, grandmother, daughter) who with superhuman efforts, the rebuilding of the completely destroyed town.

Every year on December 13, after the memorial service in the cathedral city a funeral march to the Place of Sacrifice, which is celebrated memorial service and Memorial Invitational.

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