The Shrine of San Michele Arcangelo

Monte Sant' Angelo

The Shrine of San Michele Arcangelo

The Sanctuary of San Michele Arcangelo, a UNESCO World Heritage Site since June 2011, is located in the heart of Monte Sant’Angelo.

One of the world's most celebrated holy places dedicated to the Archangel Michael, it stands on high ground on what was once the Via Sacra Langobardorum. All around lies the Gargano’s typically verdant and inaccessible countryside. The Sanctuary's white façade welcomes pilgrims with its two large arches, surmounted by a niche with a statue of Saint Michael.

From the vestibule, an 86-step staircase leads down to the heart of the sanctuary - the Sacred Cave where Saint Michael appeared. Here, you can read an inscription of the Archangel’s words, which have served to consecrate this mystical place over the centuries: “There where the rock opens wide, the sins of men shall be forgiven.”

The baroque altars of the Holy Sacrament and Virgin Mary stand near the magnificent main altar which is dominated by a marble statue of the Prince of the Heavenly Host.

Via Real Basilica

Monte Sant'Angelo


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