Open Theater Floka

Ancient Olympia

Open Theater Floka

Flokas is located west and next to Ancient Olympia, 12 km southeast. from Pirgos. West and south of the village runs the river Alfeios, while at a distance of about 3 km southwest, there is the homonymous dam.

In the same direction, at the location "Panoukla" have been found tiled tombs, burial pits numerous shells (late 4th - early 3rd century BC) silver drachma of Chalkis (369 - 313 BC) and rock caves have been identified where there is a cult cave. For more effective protection of the antiquities of the area, part of the wider area has been declared an archeological site.

The surrounding hills are included in the wider area of ​​Ancient Olympia which has been declared a Landscape of Special Natural Beauty. On the west side there is the open theater "Olympia" with 3,500 seats, where every year are organized performances of the International Festival of Ancient Olympia Arts.


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