The crypt of Sant’Apollinare

Monte Sant' Angelo

The crypt of Sant’Apollinare

In the very heart of the Rione Grotte in Monte Sant’Angelo, where all houses are dug into natural stone, rests the crypt of Sant’Apollinare, at one time used as an hermitage for pilgrims coming from the East, int he wake of the first apparitions of St. Michael the Archangel. 
Entirely carved out of rock, the small temple was completely altered in 1910 and today displays a very modern appearance, with plastered walls and three various-shaped altars built with different materials and local stone.   
It was the ascetic Antonio Ricucci who conceived the modern temple dedicated to Sant’Apollinare, which underwent major changes such as the relocation of the age-old apsis, once situated at the current entrance. 

Via Sant’Apollinare

Monte Sant'Angelo



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