The Olympic Truce Grove

The Olympic Truce Grove is a few metres away from the Temple of Hera in Olympia. Specifically, it is in the area between the Archaeological Museum and the Site of Olympia. There, the 'discus of Ifitos' was inscribed, in which the agreement of the Sacred Truce is written.

Poplars, pine trees and plane trees, are some of the trees that surround the Olympic Truce Grove, which has been dedicated to the noble idea of peace. As known, in Olympia and Ilia for the peaceful conduct of the Olympic Games, the pausing of the hostilities was a prerequisite.

The aspiration of this symbolic initiative is that the humanity today will be inspired. Perhaps you'll find a moment to think about that, as you cross the small park from the archaeological site to the museum of Olympia.

The birth of the Olympic Truce Grove is the result of the cooperation of the International Olympic Truce Centre and the Ephorate of Antiquities of Ilia, the responsible authority on behalf of the Hellenic Ministry of Culture.


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