Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust

The goals of the Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust are the following:

  • To collect, document, preserve, exhibit and interpret all kinds of museological material associated with the events of the Holocaust of December 13, 1943 in Kalavrita and all the events before and after the Holocaust in the wider area of the Kalavritan province.
  • To promote education and research by organizing temporary exhibitions, educational programs, lectures and conferences, publications in relation with the legal entity’s goals.
  • To create a specialized library and historical records relating to the goals of the legal entity.

The restoration works of the Elementary School and its conversion to the Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust were based on the study of the Department of Cultural Buildings and the Restoration of Modern Monuments of the Ministry of Culture.

The museum was inaugurated on January 9, 2005 by the former Greek President of the Hellenic Republic, Constantinos Stephanopoulos.


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