Statue of Andreas Zaimis


Statue of Andreas Zaimis

Andreas Zaimis was born in Kerpini in 1791. He was the son of Asimakis Zaimis, perhaps the most important representative of his prominent family. He was initiated by Andreas Londo in the Friendly Society in 1819 and actively participated in the preparation of the Struggle.

With Palaion Patron Germanos, Andreas Zaimis raised the flag of the Revolution at the Historical Monastery of the Holy Lavra. He participated with his own military corps in the repulse of Dramalis and in the solution of the first siege of Messolonghi (December 1822).

Also, Andreas Zaimis was a member of the First and Second National Assemblies, the Executive Body, but also chairman of the Board of Directors of Greece until the arrival of Kapodistrias at the beginning and later, after the assassination of the governor, until the arrival of Otto.

During the years of Kapodistrias, he participated in the “Panhellenic Advisory Body” of Governor Kapodistrias. He ended his political career during Otto's tenure as vice president of the Council of State and chairman of the Council of Ministers. He died in Athens in 1840.

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