The overall objective of CI-NOVATEC is to enhance local Tourism Ecosystems performance by introducing and setting-up innovative techniques & technologies for collecting experience related (result-driven), visitor (bottom-up) data, which will be analyzed to outline customer (tourists) intelligence to better understand economic performance of Local Tourism Clusters in order to assist business-level & policy-level decision making and therefore to boost sustainability and efficiency of CBC area cluster SMEs.

The aforementioned objective links to the objective of the Interreg V-A "Gr-It" Programme by supporting strategic cross-border co-operation for a more prosperous and sustainable region, placing emphasis on the foundations of a dynamic knowledge economy that fosters smart, sustainable growth with the goal of improving the quality of life of those living in the cross-border area. Strategically, the project provides innovation in knowledge acquisition & management, in the fields of tourism and culture by using ICT tools to collect visitor data and applying Big Data Analysis in order to categorize, analyze and conceptualize the collected data, so as to provide feedback to SMEs & Policy actors.

This feedback cyclic process, provides:

  • access to knowledge (result-driven, bottom-up data) to SMEs, POIs managers and policy stakeholders, in order to strengthen their potential for improved performance
  • strengthens linkages between scientific actors (producing field research results), business actors (SMEs, POI managers) and policy making actors (Chambers, Municipalities, Regions)
  • wealth of data for the conduction of comparative studies among LTCs at Regional and CBC level as well as training seminars for Tourism Ecosystem members, thus allowing knowledge transfer and exchange of practices among them.

All the aforementioned, constitute contribution to the Specific Objective 1.1 since they are subset of the Objective’s sought results.